Academic Resources Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides tutoring and academic support services to Mercer students at all campuses and centers. Faculty may refer students to the ARC. 

Services for Macon Traditional Students

Tutoring for Macon traditional students is provided by the peer tutoring lab in the ARC located in the breezeway of Connell Student Center. Writing and math labs are open from 6-9pm Sunday through Thursday, and other disciplinary tutors work throughout the week. The ARC provides documentation of student visits to the writing lab in the form of a Tutor Review form. Faculty will automatically receive copies of Tutor Review forms. The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program is also coordinated by the ARC. SI Leaders attend introductory classes in chemistry, physics, accounting, economics, and finance and conduct group study sessions three times per week.

Services for Students in Macon, Atlanta and the Regional Academic Centers

Students on the Macon and Atlanta campuses and the Douglas County and Henry County Regional Academic Centers have access to in-person professional tutoring. The mathematics and writing drop-in labs on the Atlanta campus are held in Swilley Library, Room 138 (first floor of the library). In Douglas, the drop-in labs are in Room 138, and in Henry, they are in Room 123. 

Atlanta evening, graduate, and online students also have access to tutoring through the Blackboard-based Online Writing Lab and Math Online Tutor. The ARC provides documentation of student visits to our writing labs in the form of a Tutor Review form. Faculty may request that students submit their Tutor Review forms to show that the students visited the writing lab and to find out what the tutors worked on with the students.

Optional Syllabus Statement for ARC Services

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers free tutoring. To find out what tutoring and other academic support services are available to you, visit the ARC's website at If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Zimmerman at 478-301-2678.